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Hannah Varkey - Collaborator

Hanna graduated in 2021 with a BSci in Cognitive Science and pre-medical school knowledge. She is pursuing acceptance in a medical school program, while interning at the NY State Brain Research Institute of People with Disabilities. There she is assisting with their neurodevelopmental research. In her spare time she works with us at the NJACE, helping with podcasting the complex research of autism in our state and translating it to the community.

Hannah is a pre-med student who graduated from Cognitive Science and Psychology. When she is not volunteering her time for noble causes and shadowing physicians to learn about various medical fields, she shares her time between the lab and the New York State Institute for Basic Science. She has developed methods for bibliographic analysis and visualization of literature on infant development. She has also developed methods to help digitize the General Movements Assessment that pediatricians use in the clinic and adapt them for use in the home. 

In her spare time, Hannah creates incredibly interesting podcasts for Autism Thinks at the NJACE 


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