Meet the Presenters

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Dr. Susan Crawford, PhD

Dr. Susan Crawford is an Autism and Movement Impairment Consultant living in Co. Clare on the West Coast of Ireland. She is the proud mother of her 27 yr. old autistic son Tomás.  After Tomás was diagnosed at the age of two, Susan undertook her PhD exploring autism and motor impairment programme development and planning. It was the first study of its kind in Ireland. She went on to work as a researcher and lecturer in University College Cork for many years with particular emphasis on addressing autistic motor impairment in community across the lifespan.  She set up  her own consultancy in 2019, due to ongoing demand from parents, teachers and practitioners for help in supporting autistic children and adults. Susan has developed the GetAutismActive Resource Kit and online programme which teaches parents, teachers and practitioners how to develop the key regulating skills of movement for autistic children and adults. Susan has found that optimising  skills of running, catching, jumping, balance and coordination has positively impacted the lives of autistic participants, families and greater communities. Autistic participants have gone on to join mainstream events, sports and clubs and achieve better outcomes, especially in general feelings of health and wellbeing, social skills, language and communication.  Susan has addressed audiences and is published all over the world. She is proud to say Ireland is leading on rolling out the GetAutismActive programme and further promoting  inclusion of autistic participants.  Together with Tomás her son, they have run, hiked and climbed all over the world and are currently training for The New York Marathon. Susan was the recent recipient of “Clare Person of the Year Award” for her contribution to the world of autism and despite many academic accolades and awards, says this was the ultimate one “to be recognised by my own community”. She accepted it on behalf of and dedicated it to Tomás. Susan has just been appointed to lead autism awareness training across the County to all homes, community groups and businesses  where she lives as part of the Clare County Council “Autism Aware in Clare” initiative. Email:

Elizabeth Horn

Elizabeth Horn is Founder and Executive Director of 2m Foundation, a California-based nonprofit featuring COMPASS as one of its major initiatives. Conceived in 2014, Compass now includes over 500 clinicians, scientists, IT experts, investors and families affected by autism all committed to finding answers by systematically gathering multi-omic data on individuals with ASD. She is also co-founder of the Autism Impact Fund, combining high-tech industry funding and startup process with philanthropy to accelerate progress in all aspects of autism research, development and support. Her involvement in helping biologically define ASD began with the co-founding of ChARMTracker, a patient portal, which became the foundational product of MedicalMine, Inc. and ChARM Health (which now hosts over 850,000 user/patients who connect to the over 1000 clinicians using ChARM EHR). Elizabeth is also vice president and board member of BRAIN Foundation, as well as co-author of the 4Q campaign. Elizabeth wants to redefine autism to include biology and environment– and let that new precision definition drive lifespan choices. She has a daughter with autism.