Smart Sensing

Informing digital data with validated clinical inventories across neurodeveloment and neurodegenerative disorders will ensure proper metric scales to measure change; lead to reproducible science and diversify our clinical advancements across large socio-economic groups. Our lab develops analytics to enable massive deployment of commercially available technology in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies.

Photo by metamorworks/iStock / Getty Images

Statistical Platform for Individualized Behavioral Analyses Using Biophysical Micro-Movement Spikes 

Dynamic Digital Biomarkers of Motor and Cognitive Function in Parkinson’s Disease 

Digitized ADOS: Social Interactions Beyond the Limits of the Naked Eye 

The Autonomic Nervous System Differentiates Between Levels of Motor Intent and End Effector 

Personalized Biometrics of Physical Pain Agree with Psychophysics by Participants with Sensory over Responsivity 

Neonatal Diagnostics: Towards Dynamic Growth Charts of Neuromotor Control  

Motor Noise is Rich Signal in Autism Research and Pharmacological Treatments  

Characterization of the statistical signatures of micro-movements underlying natural gait patterns in children with Phelan McDermid syndrome: Towards precision-phenotyping of behavior in ASD